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I love Jess so much! I'll be posting pics of her all of the time! So don't worry you'll be able to look at all the most resent pics of premiers, out-and-abouts, and much more! Feel free to have disscussions too! (no haters please!)

Hello Yellow!

Posted By cosmogirl on May 3, 2008 at 3:35AM

Hey Ladies!

I just had to post these gorgeous pics of Miss. Alba, I couldn't help myself. Here are a few photos of her from earlier on in the week, getting her nails done and doing a bit of shopping.


Cosmo xx.

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Interview with Parade continued.

Posted By cosmogirl on Apr 19, 2008 at 10:26PM

On the paparazzi: “I could give two sh-ts about them. They’re so lame, I can’t even believe that’s a real job. I can’t imagine they even pay taxes.”

On working in a man’s world: “I’m in a business that’s completely driven by white males. The majority of writers and directors are men. And even though I’m not, like, such a huge feminist, I do want to produce movies on my own that are female-driven and empowering to women. Variety is good. The woman’s voice really isn’t present in Hollywood.”

On playing the role of Sue Storm…
“People in the business made me feel that it was going to be a problem that I was playing Sue Storm, a blue-eyed blonde, but I didn't see any problem with it myself. Cate Blanchett dyes her hair any color that she needs to for her roles, and nobody cares. People transform themselves for roles everyday—it's called being an actor. It's no big deal—we play dress up for a living. We pretend—we tell stories for entertainment purposes. The only thing I did do was wear contacts to make my eyes blue. And as for most women in Hollywood? They're not real blondes, anyway!”

The wild party girl…
“Sometimes I like to go out, but usually after work I just go home, take a bath, watch movies. Instead of going out, I’d rather have my friends over and play games at my house—stupid games like charades or Pictionary or Monopoly. Or maybe Between the Sheets—it’s an easy way to win your money back when you’ve lost it all in poker.”

On the Beverly Hills Hotel (one of her favorite retreats)…
“I like it here because it reminds me of the old Hollywood. It’s nice and it’s comfortable, and it doesn’t seem like it’s trying to be the new, hip spot. It’s steady and good and classic, and while there are always families in here, there’s definitely an older crowd, too.”

On her golf game…
“I like to play golf. Is that real dorky? When I’m chilled out and relaxed, my long game is better. I can drive the ball two hundred yards, and that’s not bad. It’s just a game for now, but when I’m on the senior tour, then we’ll have to talk again.”

The Scotch connoisseur…
Robert Masello, who interviewed Alba for PARADE, says: “Our waiter at the Polo Lounge, a very friendly fellow named Jeremy, knew Jessica from her previous visits, and he also knew what she liked. He instantly brought her the house list of single malt Scotches, and together they had quite a lengthy chat about the various brands, and their relative smoky or peaty flavors. I was intrigued to hear these two experts going at it—especially when one of them happened to be the lovely young Ms. Alba. I always thought it was crusty old men who drank these expensive Scotches. Now I know better."

A not-so-surprising revelation from writer Robert Masello…
“I've been interviewing celebrities, off and on, for many years, but once I told my male friends I was interviewing Jessica Alba, I had more offers than ever before to (a) carry my tape recorder, (b) drive me to the appointment, (c) give me money. My professional ethics, of course, forbade me from accepting any of their offers, but I've got to say, this public response was overwhelming and unprecedented. There is indeed something about Ms. Alba that has captured the imagination of at least half of the population. That, or I've suddenly become way more popular.”

Interview with Parade magazine

Posted By cosmogirl on Apr 19, 2008 at 10:13PM

Hey girls I know that this interview is a few months old but I really wanted to post it. This is just a brief intro:

Where did the shoot take place?
At Pier 59 West in Santa Monica, Calif.

What time was the shoot scheduled to start?
3:30pm. Alba was on another shoot in the morning and she showed up right on time and ready to get down to business.

How long did the shoot last?
About four hours, including touch-ups on hair and makeup, and wardrobe.

What was served for lunch?
We had roasted chicken and sparkling mineral water.

What music was playing during the shoot?
Alba had the good sense to bring a mix CD containing some of her favorite music. It was all great stuff that no one on the set of the shoot had heard before...or since!

Who accompanied Alba to the shoot?
Her hair and makeup team as well as her publicist, Brad Cafarelli.

Photographer Robert Ascroft’s take on Jessica…
“My assistants and I were really taken aback at how cool and down to earth Jessica was. I have worked with numerous celebrities with half the fame and good looks as Jessica, and ten times the ego. She was the kind of girl you can hang out with all afternoon, which is a testimony to her success, I am sure.”

Jessica Alba going to her baby appointment in Beverly Hills.

Posted By cosmogirl on Apr 19, 2008 at 1:50AM

She looks so gorgeous. Love her outfit. Pregnancy sure is treating her good.

What do you all think?

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Jessica Alba Lip Syncs In Music Video

Posted By LolaDub on Mar 25, 2008 at 6:36AM

Jessica Alba had a little fun over the weekend lip-synching to a Panic At The Disco song called "Take It To The Streets." And from the sounds of her blog, Jess is totally over being preggers.

My fun ibeatyou video!

Hey guys! Hope everyone had a great Easter. We had another funny run in with the papparazzi. Guess they even work on holidays. It's hot here in socal. Being preggers in this heat takes everything to another level. We shot a quirky group lip dub music video for ibeatyou. Check it out!! We invited a bunch of users from the site and put this together last Saturday. If you think you and your friends or you and your co-workers can compete…Bring it!! Upload your videos to ibeatyou.com and let's see who gets crowned King…lol! The site is open now so anyone can sign up.


Been playing a lot of board games lately…apples to apples is a new favorite of mine. I know super cool right

I went out for the first time in a LONNNG while this Saturday. Cash threw our close friend Baron Davis a surprise birthday party. Baron was clearly surprised as his bday is a month away…Lol! Anyone else been forced to watch college basketball nonstop lately? Cash manages to have it on every TV in our house 24/7.

Be well guys and check out our music video…hope you get a good laugh. JA aka Jay_eh

source: hollyscoop.com

Jessica Alba

Posted By angelbeauty on Dec 2, 2007 at 8:09AM

Are you uncomfortable with the obsession over your body?

Posted By cosmogirl on Nov 24, 2007 at 7:08PM

'It's just become too much! I come from a conservative family and it's not in my nature to flaunt my sexuality. I'm proud of my body and I like to keep fit, but I'm happiest when I can go out in a T-shirt and jeans.

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5 Steps to Jessica's Hair

Posted By cosmogirl on Nov 24, 2007 at 7:03PM

1. To copy Jess's glam style, apply a volumising mousse to damp hair. Coating the mid-length to ends isn't enough; you really need to work it in from root to tip for best results.
2. Straight hair: Blow-dry it upside down until totally dry, then flip hair up and comb it into a middle part.
Curly Hair: Blow-Dry straight in 10cm sections with a round bristle brush
3. Next, tong 3cm sections of hair using a large barrel hair tong, starting at the front and working your way to the back.
4. Now, brush hair gently with a natural bristle brush. If you;re worried about frizz, just loosen each curl with your fingers.
5. Finish with a light spritz of hairspray but make sure you hold the can as far away as possible to prevent that 'crunchy' feeling.

And volia! Instant Jessica Alba godess hair... Enjoy!

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Random Facts.

Posted By cosmogirl on Oct 5, 2007 at 2:26AM

Nickname: Alba
Favourite Part of her body: Back
Worst Habits: Swearing, saying whatever is on her mind, being a news junkie
TV shows she is addicted to: Jon Stewart and Colbert Report
She believes in love at first sight. (when you are ready)
She thinks sex on the first date is fine
She thinks PDA is cool
She'd never date a guy who was racist, sexist or mean spirited
She always had a thing for tall and skinny guys
She believes the best time to drop the L bomb is when you mean it
She believes in her relationships the pants tend to go both ways
The best advice she's ever been given is: Family comes first
You would be surpised to find she does her own laundry, cooking, housecleaning, Food shopping, and picking up the dog poo
Her friends make fun of her for being to matchy (clothes) and over analyzing everything
The weridest place a fan has ever approched her was in the ladies
Her goals are to one day: Produce, open a resturaunt and own lots of real estate

Cosmo xx.

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Six things you didnt know about Jessica Alba...until now.

Posted By cosmogirl on Oct 5, 2007 at 2:13AM

1. She drives a Toyota Prius, an environmentally friendly hybird car designed to reduce gas emissions and burn less gas.
2. She enjoys remodelling her house. In fact, she treats herself to an upgrade whenever she starts working on a new movie.
3. She likes to watch the UK's BBC News in order to keep her up-to-date on current affairs.
4. She loves to golf whenever she gets a break from filming.
5. Despite her Mexican heritage (on her dad's side), she doesn't speak spanish fluently.
6. She's been a certified diver since going the TV show 'Flipper' as a teen.